8" Grip Hive Tool

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The most essential tool a beekeeper can have is the hive tool. There are many versions and different styles of hive tools that are available on the market. However, this 8" Grip Hive Tool is designed for comfort and security by adding a sturdy grip on the middle of the tool for comfortable handling.

8" Grip Hive Tool

One of the most essential tools a beekeeper can use is the hive tool. Many say it is like an extended arm and when you begin maintaining a hive, you may see why. It is a tool that is used to inspect, separate, lift frames for examination and maintenance. The 8" Grip Hive Tool is comfortable to use made of strong steel and features a sturdy grip for comfortable handling. One of the tool features a curved end, which can be used to pull nails, scrape or pry. The other end features a flat end that is sharpened can fit easily in between supers to pry them apart and can also be used for scraping.

Use: maintaining a hive

If you are interested in other beekeeping tools, Pest Mall provides a wide variety of essential tools to help you maintain your beehive. Please feel free to browse our selection of beekeeping tools and if you have any questions about any of the beekeeping tools that are available in our store, please feel free to call us or email us.

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