Aab-Sorb 40 Gallon Spill Kit

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Cleaning up chemical spills? There's no need to browse every hardware aisle to look for cleaning tools, cleaning agents and cleaning gear. Everything you need is packed into Aabaco Environmetal's Aab-Sorb 40 Gallon Spill Kit. Each kit contains a chemical absorbent that is formulated to contain liquid spills. Aabaco's very own Aab-Sorb Chemical Absorbent is standard issue to all kits. Chemical spills gel instantly upon contact with Aab-Sorb's encapsulating powder, making the spill material easier to handle and disposed of.

Aab-Sorb 40 Gallon Spill Kit

By incorporating the most reliable chemical absorbent in the market into a spill kit, Aabaco Environmental succeeded in producing one of the most trusted spill kits in the market. The product package includes a bottle of Aab-Sorb, the chemical absorbent famous for its fast-acting formula and remarkable liquid encapsulation properties.

Why Should You Use Aab-Sorb 40 Gallon Spill Kits?

All the necessary materials and equipment needed in spill cleanups are combined into a single convenient kit, reducing cleaning costs. A 40 Gallon spill kit is capable of absorbing 40 gallons of chemical spill.

Target Pest(s): None
Manufactured By: Aabaco Environmental
Kit Contents :

Aab-Sorb Chemical Absorbent (1 bot)

4 ft. Absorbent Sox (2 pcs)

Gloves (1 pair)

Goggles (1pair)

Disposable Boot Covers ( 1 pair)

Disposable Coverall (1 pc)

Disposable Mask (1)

Scoop (1 pc)

Chemical Absorbent Weight: 1.3 lbs
Chemical Absorbent Active Ingredient(s): Polyacrylate/Polyalcohol Copolimer Polyalcohol Polymer
Yield/Application: Kit absorbs up to 40 gallons of spill

Directions for Use

Wear the safety apparel included in the kit before commencing spill cleanups. Cover exposed body parts completely to reduce the risk of contamination. Safety apparel must be worn properly, with each piece covering the right body parts.

Sprinkle adequate amounts of Aab-Sorb Chemical Absorbent starting from the spill edges and work your way towards the center. Depending on the size of the spill, additional amounts of chemical absorbent may be added to fully encapsulate liquid spills.

Before gathering the gelled spill, make sure that the liquid is fully encapsulated and the spill is thoroughly contained. Dispose of the waste products properly. Please consult the product labels and MSDS data sheets of the chemicals/insecticides involved in the spill for their proper disposal.

Where to Use Aab-Sorb 40 Gallon Spill Kits

Use Aab-Sorb Spill Kits to clean up indoor and outdoor spills involving water-based chemicals such as fertilizers, insecticides, herbicides and fungicides. Please refer to the product manual for instructions, hazards and other important data.

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