Advantage Fly Trap Disposable Liners-1 Pack of 5

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Advantage Fly Banquet Fly Trap Disposable Liners make cleaning and re-loading the Advantage Traps quick, easy, and sanitary. Once the liner is full of dead flies, simply remove the liner and throw it away (see instructions on removing liner for yellow jacket traps). Re-load a new liner, insert into the body of the trap and you are ready to go!

Advantage Fly Trap Disposable Liners-1 Pack of 5

Advantage Fly Trap is a unique fly control solution that uses a non-toxic attractant to lure in a wide variety of flies. The trap system consists of the trap body, disposable liner, access cap and a rain lid. The trap has two entry points, one at the top and the other at the bottom. A rain lid covers the top entry holes to keep water off the disposable liners, making the trap suitable for use outdoors.

When installed, Advantage Fly Trap Disposable Liners hold water that ensnares flies and other insects that come into contact with the water/bait surface. Liners are sold separately as refills to Advantage Fly Traps.

Why Should You Use Advantage Fly Trap Disposable Liners ?

The product is safe to use around children and pets. Advantage Fly Trap Liners are easy to use and maintain. Used liners can be reused if cleaned.

Target Pest(s): Domestic Flies, Blow Flies, Blue/Green flies, Large Gnats, House Flies, Stable Flies, Sludge Flies
Manufactured By: J.F. Oakes
Quantity: 5 liners
Yield/Application: 1 liner per unit of Advantage Fly Trap
Compatibility: Advantage Fly Trap units

Directions for Advantage Fly Trap Disposable Liners Use

Install the disposable liner inside the trap body and empty a packet of Advantage Fly Banquet fly attractant on top of the liner. Spread the attractant contents as evenly as possible to the liner. Add water to the attractant following recommended amounts and mix well. Cover the trap using the fly trap cap and install the rain lid on top.

Replace liners when full of insects, every 10 days or as needed. Pestmall offers refills for the traps' consumable and disposable components.

Please click here for Advantage Fly Banquet Fly Attractant.

Fly Banquet Instructions

1. Add enclosed packet of Fly Banquet into trap liner.

2. Add water to fill mark.

3. Replace fly trap top.

4. Allow 24-48 hours to fully active.

5. Remove and dispose of trap liner when full of dead insects. (every 10 days or as needed)

Where to Use Advantage Fly Trap Disposable Liners

Advantage Fly Traps can be used indoors or outdoors. Place traps where flies frequent such as houses, barns and animal cages. Place traps not higher than 3 feet above the ground. Expose traps to the sun to improve catch. Move traps to shaded areas when temperatures reach 80°F. Remember to cover the trap's top entry holes with the rain lid when installing outdoor traps. If more traps are installed, each trap must be 30 feet away from each other.

Please refer to the product label for installation instructions and recommendations.

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