Advion Mole Cricket Bait -25 Lbs

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Advion Mole Cricket Bait is a granular insecticide specially formulated to control mole crickets. The insecticide contains indoxacarb, a pesticide that is highly potent in killing a wide variety of insects including crickets.

Advion Mole Cricket Bait -25 Lbs

DuPont's Advion Cricket Bait offers a complete solution to your mole cricket problems. The product contains a potent insecticide that works fast on adult crickets and nymphs. Each 25 pound bag treats half an acre of turfed land.

Why Should You Use Advion Mole Cricket Bait -25 Lbs?

The product has a non-repellent formulation that attracts huge numbers of mole crickets.

Target Pest(s): Mole Crickets
Manufactured By: DuPont
Active Ingredient: Indoxacarb - 0.22%
Size: 25 lbs
Yield/Application: 2-4 pounds per 1,000 sq. ft. about 50 pounds per acre.
Not For Sale To: CA, NY

Directions for Advion Mole Cricket Bait -25 Lbs Use

Use Advion Mole Cricket Bait in broadcast applications to areas infested by mole crickets. Apply the product during springtime where the insects are most active. Before applications, it is recommended to moisturize the soil in treatment areas to draw the crickets to the soil surface. Spread the product evenly to treated areas following the recommended broadcast application rates found in the product label. For application equipment, please click this link.

For perimeter applications, form bands measuring 5 to 10 feet around structures and gardens to control cricket movements.

Where to Apply Advion Mole Cricket Bait -25 Lbs

Apply Advion Mole Cricket Bait in turf areas such as lawns, landscaped areas, open fields, parks, playgrounds, golf courses and other recreational areas.

Please refer to and follow the instructions on the Advion Mole Cricket Bait -25 Lbs label.

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