Aegis Rat Bait Station (Clear)

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The Aegis Rat Bait Station is a new bait station that features unique designs that are geared to target the specific behaviors of rats, which means that it is not a standard bait station, but a specialized bait station that improves monitoring, control, and a consumption of the bait. Features of the rat bait station include a unique and patented double-quartered locking barb that makes the rat bait station tamper resistant and safe, which means you can gain a peace of mind.

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Aegis Rat Bait Station (Clear)

Contrary to popular belief, rats and mice are both rodents, but they display behavior patterns that are very different. After studies, the manufacturers of the Aegis Rat Bait Stations have learned that one of the many ways that rats are different from mice is that they enjoy feeding in more snug spaces or tunnels. Because the manufacturers understand that rats and mice have portrayed different behavior patterns, they know that effective rat control does not mean to simply create a larger sized mouse bait station and instead it calls for a different design. Therefore, we know that the Aegis Rat Bait Stations are the next new line of bait stations that not only do their job of storing rodenticides, but is effective in improving the chances of bait consumption by rats.


Target Pest(s): Rats and other Rodents
Manufactured By: Lipha Tech
Construction: Injection-molded Plastic
Size: 13 9/16 in. (L) x 10 5/8 in. (W) x 3 1/2 in.(H)

The tamper resistant and weather resistant Aegis Rat Bait Stations


- unique, patented, double-quartered locking barbs that means that Aegis is tamper resistant, which also means that you can keep baits away from children and non-target animals.
- baiting rods that can fit into the station both horizontally and vertically to securely hold block baits
- elevated bait rods to keep bait away from moisture
- rods can be removed and instead bait trays that are easily cleaned can be used to hold pellet or meal rodenticides.
- clear top lid with a transparent in cover so that technicians can easily monitor baits and quickly detect non-target animals like snakes or insects.
- rotating hinge that will not break in cold weather.
- universal key to open all other Aegis products.
- an anchoring slot so to properly secure the rat bait station.

The dimensions of the Aegis Rat Bait Station is 13 9/16" in length, 10 5/8" (including the hinge) in width, and 3 1/2" in height with the lid closed and 3 1/8" with the lid open.

Please refer to and follow the instructions on the Product label.

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