Ant No More Ant Bait Station

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Ant No More Ant Bait Station is designed for use indoors and outdoors to control ants. Made from tough plastic, Ant No More Bait stations are durable and last for years even when subjected to tough weather conditions. Highly versatile, the product is designed to handle liquid, granular and gel ant baits.

Ant No More Ant Bait Station

Ant No More Ant Bait Stations are versatile bait stations that can handle granular, gel and liquid ant baits. The product features a tamper-resistant lid designed to keep children and pets from accessing the toxic baits. With two bait compartments, different kinds of bait can be used for effective control of ants. Ant No More Ant Bait Stations have stake designs for easy placement in soils. Made from polypropylene, bait stations are waterproof and UV-resistant to keep baits fresh and effective.

Why Should You Use Ant No More Ant Bait Station?

Ant No More Bait Station is made from durable polypropylene that can withstand tough weather conditions. Green in color, the product easily blends with its surroundings.

Target Pest(s): Fire Ants, Little Fire Ants, Harvester Ants, Bigheaded Ants and other ant species
Manufactured By: Kness
Active Ingredient: Varies on bait (sold separately)
Size: 1 case with 12 stations
Yield/Application: As recommended by bait
Not For Sale To: For sale to ALL States

***Baits NOT included***

Directions for Ant No More Ant Bait Station Use

Open the bait station by lining up the arrow on the body and the center mark on the lift tab. Push up the lid and push back across the opening to pop up the lid. It is recommended to use two types of bait for effective ant control. The product has two bait compartments, fill the first compartment with one kind of bait and fill the second with another. DO NOT place two different baits in a single compartment. Certain baits are rendered ineffective when mixed with other baits. Snap the lid back in place. Place the bait stations to areas where foraging ants are seen.

Where to Apply Ant No More Ant Bait Station

Ant No More Ant Bait Stations is for use around homes, buildings, lawns, shrubs, trees, flower beds, planter boxes and other areas infested by ants.

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Q. Ant No More Ant Bait Station?
A.  Ant No More Bait Stations are waterproof and UV-resistant to keep baits fresh and effective. It can hold up to 4 oz. capacity as stated by the manufacturer.
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Q. is ant no more bait is effective??
A.  Ant No More Ant Bait Stations are effective in protecting the baits from children, animals, and weather. This is not prebaited though and bait must be bought separately.
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Q. IOW...can I put these out at "MY" convenience??
A.  These stations can be placed around pastures. There is a slot where you can place your choice of bait poison inside the stations. The stations are designed to be both waterproof and tamper proof. There are no specific temperature requirements for the stations themselves. However specifications for baits may vary. I would suggest that you review the product label for the different baits you are planning to put inside the stations before use.
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