Armada 50 WDG Fungicide - 2 lbs.

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The active ingredients in Armada® fungicide come from the strobilurin and sterol inhibitor chemistry classes. This dual activity provides both contact and systemic turf protection. Armada bonds to the tissue surface to prevent disease infection from the outside, plus is taken up by the root system to provide protection from inside the plant. The result is long-lasting, comprehensive disease protection against most major turf diseases.

Armada 50 WP Fungicide Armada 50 WDG Fungicide Product Label

Armada 50 WP Fungicide Armada 50 WDG Fungicide Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Armada 50 WDG Fungicide - 2 lbs.

fungicide provides exceptional contact and systemic turf protection against 14 of the toughest turf diseases. Developed specifically for use by lawn care professionals, Armada prevents most major turf diseases, including brown patch, dollar spot and more, with extended residual control for up to 28 days or longer, depending on local conditions. Recommended as a preventative treatment, Armada also offers curative treatment for most diseases.

Target pests: Dollar Spot, Leaf Spot, Summer Patch, Rapid Blight, Pink Patch, Southern Blight, Fusarium Patch, Brown Patch, Anthracnose, Gray Leaf Spot, Red Thread, Rust, Stripe Smut, Pink Snow Mold and more.
Manufactured By: Bayer
Active Ingredient: Trifloxystrobin - 8.33%

Triadimefon - 41.67%

Size: 2 lbs.
Yield/Application: 2 lbs Armada can treat up to 50,000 sq.ft.
Not For Sale To: NY

Application & Handling

Tank Mixes

Armada is compatible with most insecticides, fungicides and foliar nutrient products. When conditions favor Pythium blight development, a pythium-control product such as Banol fungicide should be mixed with Armada.

Please refer to and follow the instructions of the Armada 50 WDG Fungicide product label.

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