10 Quick Methods To Get Rid Of Roaches

Summary : Out of all the bugs and insects that can ever invade a home, cockroaches are the most common and possibly the most disgusting. For most people, cockroach control in their homes can become a huge problem and if not done properly can lead to the creep crawlies coming out of all directions. In this article we offer ten tips on how to get rid of roaches and safe guard ones home from an impending attack. Using these steps can definitely help in safeguarding the home and keep the bug issue under check.

How often have you looked under the sink or under the toaster and found an army of cockroaches doing the rounds in your home? While the sight it self is pretty disgusting, if left unattended, roaches and multiply quickly and take over the entire home space coming out from all directions. Cockroach control or rather how to control them is one of the biggest issues that people face in their homes. While the problem is common enough, most people are at a loss on how to get rid of roaches from their home. Here are ten quick tips for roach control and following these can definitely help in curbing an attack:

- The first step is to make your home unattractive to roaches. Cockroaches like getting into homes and what attracts them most is food crumbs, heat and water. Preventing access to food and water is something that should be targeted.

- It is common to find cockroaches in things like toasters and rice cookers. This is because residual food crumbs make the perfect breeding ground for them. In order to initiate roach control, make sure that the counter tops etc are cleared of any left over food and appliances are moved and cleaned regularly of any leftover food.

- How you store your food also makes a big difference. Instead of keeping food in bags, store it in airtight containers to prevent cockroaches from getting into them.

- One of the things that cockroaches need to survive and flourish is a constant supply of water. Any area in the house that has water access, leaking faucets and pipes will become an easy target. Keep a check on the water supply lines washing machine etc too.

- Any area in the house that has soft and moist wood that is decaying will be a favorite soft for the roaches to breed. These have to be replaced instantly if roach control is intended.

- Roaches tend to make a passageway for themselves through cracks and cervices and create access from one room to the other. Filling up all of these possible entryways will block their path.

- In addition to all this, constant preventive measures have to be taken and a spray or roach insecticide has to be sprayed in all nook and corners of the home.

- For a long-term solution, it is a good idea to use cockroach baits that can be done with combining a food source with slow acting poison.

roaches egg1 roaches egg2

- One of the important things to do is to make sure that all dead cockroaches are removed because the females might be carrying eggs and they could still hatch.

- Keep a regular check on the roaches, keep the house clean and enjoy a bug free home for a long time.