B&G 1 Gallon Sprayer

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B&G Sprayers are available in different models to suit every pest control application. Widely used by professional pest controllers and companies, B&G equipment are known for their efficient and reliable designs. The Georgia-based company offers a wide range of professional pest control equipment such as sprayers, foggers, traps, monitors and tools. .

B&G 1 Gallon Sprayer

A world leader in pest control equipment, B&G Equipment Company offers professional pest control equipment of superior quality. With more than 60 years experience, B&G is known for their excellence in engineering and providing pest control products and solutions to the industry. B&G supplies a wide range of tank sprayers, accessories, parts and tools that are highly versatile, durable and efficient.

B&G Sprayers are made from high grade stainless steel, brass and chemical resistant rubber components. Models can be easily converted and fitted with components to suit every indoor or outdoor application. Spare parts are readily available, from tanks to rubber gaskets.

Why Should You Use B&G Sprayer ?

B&G produces the most trusted pest control equipment today. B&G Sprayers are durable, easy to maintain and spare parts are always available when you need them.

Target Pest(s): Varies
Manufactured By: B&G Equipment Company
Tank Capacity: 1 gallon

Directions for B&G Sprayers Use

- Sprayers must be checked for signs of wear and damage before use.

- Open the tank cap slowly to safely relieve any built up pressure inside the sprayer tank.

- Fill the sprayer tank with 1/2 water required for dilutions before adding the pesticides.

- Cap and seal the tank and make sure it is free of leaks. Mix the insecticide and water following the directions in the product label.

- Rotate the handle clockwise to disengage the handle from the locked position.

- Open the tank cap slowly to safely relieve any built up pressure inside the sprayer tank.

- Pressurize the tank by pumping the plunger until the desired application pressure is reached.

- Engage the pump handle to the locked position.

- DO NOT pressurize the tank above 50 psi, always use the pressure gauge to monitor internal pressures.

- Before applications, wear personal protective equipment (PPE) such as coveralls, gloves, masks, boots and goggles.

- Always flush the sprayer tank, valves and extensions with water after every use.

- DO NOT use bleaches or ammonia-based cleaners in cleaning the sprayer.

- DO NOT transport or stow the sprayer while the tank is still pressurized.

- Open the tank cap slowly to safely relieve any built up pressure inside the sprayer tank.

- DO NOT insert objects other than B&G cleaning needles in nozzle holes and other orifices to clean the components.

- Please read the product's user manual for application and maintenance instructions.

- Always follow the application directions indicated on the insecticide label.

Where to Apply

B&G Sprayers can be used outdoors and indoors, from perimeter treatments, surface treatments to crack and crevice treatments. Depending on the application, please refer to the product manual and/or the insecticide product label for application instructions.

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Q. B&G Sprayer damaged?
A.  You don't need to buy new B&G sprayer because spare parts are readily available from the manufacturer and most parts are even made available at PestMall, from tanks to rubber gaskets.
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Q. B&G Sprayer?
A.  The tank capacity of the sprayer is 1 gallon. We recommend filling the sprayer tank with 1/2 water required for dilutions before adding the pesticides and then filling the rest of the tank up with water after mixing the insecticide.
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Q. Do you sale B&G Tanks??
A.  Unfortunately, we do not carry it on our site. We only sell the whole sprayer.
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Q. B&G Sprayer Part?
A.  Thank you for contacting us with your question. We do sell a B&G crack and crevice tip extension . An adapter is not necessary to fit the tip extension with the sprayer.
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Q. does this sprayer have a four way tip?
A.  Yes this sprayer has a four way tip.
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