Bed Bugs Steam Cleaner- Steam Storm 3000

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SteamXtreme Bed Bug Killing Steamer and Cleaner effectively kills bed bugs which are very vulnerable to high temperatures. The steam cleaner produces 140°C steam at 58 psi, more than enough to kill bed bugs and other insects. In addition the steamer also cleans and sanitizes treated areas free of harmful organisms such molds, bacteria and spores.

Bed Bug Killing Steamer & Cleaner - Steam Storm 3000

One of the best and the most affordable steam cleaners, SteamXtreme offers high quality steam cleaners that are durable and highly versatile. Use Steam Storm 3000 to clean surfaces, iron clothes or treat insect-infested objects and areas. Made from tough plastic and rust-proof metal components, SteamXtreme Steamers & Cleaners are designed last and exceed the performance and quality of other expensive brands.

Why Should You Use Steam Storm 3000?

SteamXtreme Steam Cleaners are very affordable. Although SteamXtreme models cost half that of other cleaners, SteamXtreme Steam Cleaners are exceeds the performance and quality of other competing brands.

Target Pest(s): Bed Bugs and other insects.
Manufactured By: SteamXtreme
Voltage: 110-120 V
Capacity: 1.6 L
Power Consumption: 1200 - 1700 W (nominal)
Steam Pressure: 3.5 Bar
Using /Heating Time: 50 minutes / 11 minutes
Dimensions: 16 x 12.9x 9 in / 41 x 30 x 23 cm
Weight: 24 lbs.
Accessories Included: Funnel, Measuring Cup, Steam Gun and Hose, Accessory Adapter, Jet Nozzle Adapter, Floor Cleaning Adapter, Metal Brush, Nylon Brush, Window Cleaner, Small Cotton Attachment for Window Cleaner, Large Cotton Attachment for Floor Adapter, Extension Tubes, Steam Iron
Warranty: 30 Days

Directions for Steam Storm 3000 Use

Please read the product manual for assembly, operation and maintenance instructions. The appliance must be assembled first before use. Use the equipment as directed in the user's manual only.

The appliance must be fully assembled (includes hoses, nozzles, attachments, etc.) before operations. Make sure that the appliance is not connected to a power source when topping off the tank. If the appliance is recently used, relieve the tank of excess steam pressure by pressing the steam gun trigger. Carefully unscrew the tank cap by pressing it down and rotating it counterclockwise. Fill the tank with clean water using the supplied funnel and measuring jug. Do NOT overfill. Only use pure water (no additives such as alcohol, cleaning agents, perfume, etc.) It is recommended to use distilled (or boiled) water to increase appliance life. Replace the cap firmly and make sure that it is seated properly.

Connect the appliance to a power source and switch the appliance on. Once switched on, the appliance will automatically heat the water to reach the operating temperature. This usually takes 11 minutes. Once the red heating pilot light goes off, the appliance is ready for use.

Release the child-proof lock by pressing the yellow triangular pin on the steam gun. Aim the nozzle away from persons, animals, electrical and electronic devices. Pressing the trigger allows steam to escape from the gun. Begin cleaning using the appropriate tip accessory. Adjust the flow of steam by rotating the steam controller.

What's included with the Steam Storm 3000:

Steam Storm 3000 base unit


Measuring cup

Steam gun and hose

Accessory adapter

Detail adapter

Jet nozzle attachment

Floor cleaning adapter

1 metal brush

1 nylon brush

2 in 1 attachment (window cleaner)

1 small cotton cover (for 2 in 1 attachment)

1 large cotton cover (for floor attachment)

3 extension tubes

Where to Use Steam Storm 3000

Use SteamXtreme Steam Cleaners to clean almost every dirty surface in residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

Please refer to and follow the instructions on the product label.

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Q. Does it use any chemicals?
A.  No, this steamer does NOT use any chemicals. Simply fill it with water and the water and high power of the steamer will release steam at a temperature that will kill the bed bugs.
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Q. Is this steamer commercial grade??
A.  Absolutely. This steamer is durable enough for even everyday use by a professional and is simple enough for even a homeowner who is steam treating or cleaning their home.
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Q. is this a dry steam ?
A.  No, it is from water and water is required to use this machine.
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Q. What country is the Steam Storm 3000 made??
A.  They are manufactured in China but distributed all over the world.
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