Bee Hive Smoker Stainless Steel - Small

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3.5" x 7"

3.5" x 7" Bee Hive Smoker Stainless Steel - Small


*Stainless steel burner

*Heat shield (Protective guard around smoker to prevent burns)

*Pleather bellows

*Hook on side of heat shield (to hang on side of an open hive box or honey super)

*Perforated removable fire base plate(to provide air pocket at bottom of smoker to ensure good air flow)

Suggested fuel to keep smoker lit:

*Dried leaves

*Pine needles

*Wood shavings

*Chipped corned cob


How it works:

When first lighting the newspaper to put inside the smoker, keep the flame below the fuel.

This allows the air to enter below the flame and push the smoke up.

First begin by smoking the opening of the hive.

(Do not smoke from the front entrance, instead try to stand along the side of the hive or smoke from the back of the hive)

Smoke any other holes or cracks in which bees are entering the hive

Carefully open the top while smoking the opening.

Continue to smoke the opening while slowly opening the top.

(For larger colonies you may need to smoke more often)

Why it works:

The bee smoker holds burning embers which will soothe the bees and keep them calm.

Bees communicate by pheromones in the air; therefore the smoker interferes with the bees' ability to spread their pheromones.

When the bees are unable to share the signals to defend the hive they continue to go about their own business unaware of the intruder.

The smoker also alerts the bees to store honey to take away from the "smoking nest" which will cause the bees stomachs to swell and less able to sting.

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