Beekeeping Tools Kit -4 Pcs.

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We know that there are always essentials when it comes to starting a new hobby. We would like to help you attain the essential beekeeping tools that are necessary to maintain your new beehive. This kit is a 4 pc. kit that includes an uncapping fork tool, bee hive brush, a steel scraper, and a bee hive smoker tool.

Beekeeping Tools Kit -4 Pcs.

It is important to make sure that you have all the right tools to maintain your beehive. We have bundled some of the most essential bee keeping tools to help you better maintain your bee hive. 

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Kit Contains:

1 pc. - Uncapping Fork Tool
1 pc. - Synthetic Bee Hive Brush
1 pc. - Bee Hive Tools 
1 pc. - Bee Hive Smoker Stainless Steel - Small

This beekeeping tool kit is a 4 pc. kit that includes:


When you are ready to harvest the honey from the frames, use a uncapping fork tool. The uncapping fork tool is essential in harvesting honey because it is used to open up with the honey cells so that the honey will flow out of the cells much easier during the extraction process. The uncapping forks are designed with a molded plastic so that the grip is comfortable and sturdy. The sharp tines on the uncapping tool are used to scratch off or lift off the wax from the supers and because the tines are small, it will get the corners of the frames where a knife will not reach.

Synthetic Bee Hive Brush - BB3

This soft-bristles bee brush is useful to safely brush off bees from a frame. It will come in handy when you are trying to inspect or harvest from a hive and is soft and gentle enough to brush the bees off without hurting the bees.


Bee Hive Smoker Stainless Steel - Small

The bee smoker holds burning embers which will soothe the bees and keep them calm. Bees communicate by pheromones in the air; therefore the smoker interferes with the bees' ability to spread their pheromones. When the bees are unable to share the signals to defend the hive they continue to go about their own business unaware of the intruder. The smoker also alerts the bees to store honey to take away from the "smoking nest" which will cause the bees stomachs to swell and less able to sting.

If you are interested in other beekeeping tools, Pest Mall provides a wide variety of essential tools to help you maintain your beehive. Please feel free to browse our selection of beekeeping tools and if you have any questions about any of the beekeeping tools that are available in our store, please feel free to call us or email us.

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