B&G Mini Dust-R 1151M

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From pest control equipment leader B&G Equipment, B&G Dusters are superior insecticide dust delivery systems widely used by professional and DIY pest controllers alike. Made from highly durable materials, B&G Dusters are the most reliable insecticide dust/granule applicators available in the market.

B&G Mini Dust-R 1151M

With more than 60 years experience in the pest control industry, B&G Equipment Company manufactures highly reliable pest control equipment with unsurpassed quality. Use B&G Mini Dust-R to apply granular and dust insecticides in cramped treatment areas. The B&G Mini Dust-R comes with three plastic extension tips for crack and crevice applications, surface applications, voids, burrows and other hard-to-reach treatment areas. The Mini Dust-R features the electrostatic charging of dust/granules to adhere overhead and upright surfaces.

Why Should You Use B&G Mini Dust-R ?

B&G Bulb Dusters are made from durable materials and engineered to suit every pest control application.

Manufactured By: B&G Equipment Company
Capacity: 1/2 lb. dust

7 oz. granules

Directions for B&G Mini Dust-R Use

Before starting, first check if the plunger is working correctly. Place small amounts of graphite powder (or any dry/solid lubricant) into the air port to lubricate the plunger. Unscrew the end cap and carefully fill the duster reservoir with 1/2 pound of dust insecticide. For granular insecticides fill the duster with 7 ounces of granules. Remove the cap and select an extension tip to use. Extension tips are stored inside the plunger.

Where to Use B&G Mini Dust-R

Use B&G Mini Dust-R to apply dust/granular insecticide to cramped infested areas where the use of larger duster is impractical. Use the Mini Dust-R for easy application of insecticide dust/granules in voids, cracks and crevices, burrows, tunnels and exposed surfaces.

Please refer to the product label for application instructions for control of specific pests.

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Q. B&G Mini Dust-R 1151M?
A.  We recommend turning the equipment until the siphon tube is at the bottom, resting in the dust. Then add bearing in the container to keep dust from clumping. Please read the product label for more information in trouble shooting this product.
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Q. . How will I fill the B&G Mini Dust??
A.  (As Labeled) Unscrew the cap at the end of the Mini Dust-R and fill the open end (fill the duster with 0.5lb of dust or 7 oz. of granule). Unscrew the 2qt. bottle from the end of the Hand Dust-R and Long Reach Dust-R and add dust or granule to the bottle (3/4 full).
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Q. How much dust can this product hold??
A.  You should fill the duster as it is labeled, which says to fill it only 0.5lb for dust products and 7oz. for granules.
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