Black Carpet Beetle Trap

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Black Carpet Beetle Trap is a pesticide-free trap designed specifically for beetles. These traps contain pheromone lures to attract black carpet beetles. Control these pests by installing carpet beetle traps near infested areas such as closets, shelves and floors.

Black Carpet Beetle Trap

Black Carpet Beetle Traps are simple yet effective beetle control devices. Black carpet beetles and their larvae eat almost anything organic from cloth fibers to human food. Use these reliable non-toxic traps to keep your home free of carpet beetles without resorting to harmful pesticides.

Why Should You Use?

The pheromone lure used in these traps remain active for 6 weeks. Traps are pesticide-free, making them safe for use around children and pets.

Target Pest(s): Black Carpet Beetles
Manufactured By: Insects Limited Inc.
Active Ingredient: Pheromones

Directions for Use

To form the beetle traps, grab and pull the top and bottom seams of the trap to form an open-ended box. Install the pheromone lure inside the trap and fold the trap's bottom following the dotted lines. Install traps on floors and shelves known to have black carpet beetles. When installing in open areas such as floors, traps must be spaced 2-7 meters away from each other. Place additional traps if necessary. Replace traps when full of dead insects.

Where to Apply

Place the carpet beetle traps on areas where carpet beetles are present such as closets, shelves and carpeted floors. Carpet beetle traps must be installed away from areas with high human activity.

Please read the product label for installation instructions.

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Q. how to use the carpet beetle trap??
A.  The vile (bullet) is taken out of the plastic cover but the pellets don't come out of the vile. The bullet with the pellets inside is then placed in the center of the glue and left alone. The design of the bullet helps release the pheromone slowly over an extended period of time.
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Q. Fairamon ?
A.  The bullet that holds the pheromones should not be broken. The vile itself is taken out of the plastic cover but the vile is not broken.
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