Martin's Bonanza Fly Bait - 38 lbs.

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Use Bonanza Fly Bait to control house flies that are in and around areas like livestock facilities, stables, warehouses, dumpsters, recycling areas, and outside non-food contact areas of commercial areas like restaurants, bakeries, supermarkets, greast pits, and loading docks. It can conveniently be used as a scatter or paint on application and can also be used in fly bait stations. It is a fast acting bait that works against even the flies that are have built a resistance to organophosphates and carbamates.

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Bonanza Fly Bait - 38 lbs.

Bonanza Fly Bait that is made by Martin's is a RTU (ready-to-use) fly bait that acts quickly to get rid of flies. It can be conveniently used as a scatter bait in it's original form or can be use as a paint on application. Also, consider using Bonanza Fly Bait in fly bait stations around the perimeter of the structure or in areas of high infestation.

This formula is a highly effective mixture of attractants that are in the pellet form. It is a special mixture of active ingredients that will work against even house flies that have built a resistance to organophosates and carbamates. It contains a mixture of the killing agent, Imidacloprid, and the attractant, Z-9-Tricosene. It's also a product that contains the bittering agent, Bitrex, which is an agent that will help to prevent ingestion by animals, children, and pets.

Apply Bonanza Fly Bait in a variety of locations which include livestock facilities, stables, warehouses, dumpsters, and recycling areas. Also use Bonanza Fly Bait in outside non-food contact areas of restaurants, bakeries, and supermarkets. When applying Bonanza, keep in mind that flies are normally prefer warm areas that are still and so when applying the bait, avoid cool and/or windy locations. Apply this bait at the start of the season before populations of house flies reach their peak.

Target Pest(s): Flies
Manufactured By: Control Solutions
Active Ingredient: Imidacloprid - 0.50%
Z-9 Tricosene - 0.10%
Size: 38 lbs.
Yield/Application: 38 Lbs treats 101,346 sq ft
1.5 oz./250 sq ft (1.5 oz = 3 Tablespoons)
Not For Sale To: CT, NY

Scatter Application: Use Bonanza as a scatter bait. Scatter the bait directly from the container onto dry and level surfaces. Individual granules should lie next to each other without forming piles of the bait.

Bait Station Application: Use Bonanza Fly Bait inside fly bait stations. Use 1 bait stations to cover approximately 250 sq. ft. and then add up to 1.5 oz. of bait per station. Remember to secure bait stations at least 4 feet above the ground as flies are flying insects and will not normally travel on ground level.

Paint On Application: Effectively use Bonanza Fly Bait as a paint on application. It can be mixed with water to be applied to surfaces. Mix 1.5 oz. of Bonanza to 1 fl. oz. of warm water or 3 lbs. of bait to 1 qt. of water and stir thoroughly. Allow the mixture to sit for about 15 minutes until a mixture with a consistency that is suitable for painting has developed. Apply the bait paste with a brush the surfaces that the flies frequently rest. Do not apply the paste to areas that are dusty or have a build up of debris.

Remember that Bonanza Fly Bait should not be applied to areas that are accessible to children, pets, and other non-target animals. Thoroughly review the product label before applying any pesticide.

Please refer to and follow the directions on the Bonanza Fly Bait product label.

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