Collapsible Large Size Fox Trap

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This trap is conveniently pre-assembled but will be delivered as a flat package. It is a pre-assembled trap that is collapsible for easy set up. It is a large trap that will effectively trap large animals include foxes, large cats, or dogs.

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Collapsible Large Size Dog Trap

The collapsible live animal trap is a large trap that will arrive as a flat package. It is easy to set up assemble without the use of extra tools and will quickly and easily set up or collapse when needed to be stored. It is compact for storage as well as transportation.

The galvanized steel is coated for anti-glare and corrosion resistance. This large sized collapsible live animal trap effectively uses strong spring loaded gravity doors and is easy to bait so that you can effectively trap large animals including dogs, large cats, and foxes or raccoons that can weigh as heavy as 42 lbs.

Target Pest(s): Fox, Stray cats, Racoons and Dogs
Dimensions: 43" x 18" x 16" ( can carry up to 42 lbs )

Please refer to and follow the instructions on the Product label.

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