Confront Herbicide - 1 Gal.

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Confront Specialty Herbicide is one of the most recommended herbicides for broadleaf weeds in established cool-season and warm-season turfgrass. Confront Specialty Herbicide contains active ingredients which will even control hard-to-control weeds such as wild violet and oxalis including other weeds such as clover, dandelion, and thistle.

Confront Herbicide - 1 Gal.

Confront Specialty Herbicide should be applied when weeds are actively growing. It can be used for a variety of both warm-season and cool-season nonresidential turfgrass. Confront Specialty Herbicide is also a low odor, economical herbicide and is therefore an excellent choice for public facilities and commercial grounds such as parks, golf courses, and schools. The best time to apply Confront Specialty Herbicide is from early spring through fall. To increase spectrum of weed control Confront Specialty Herbicide can be mixed with a pre-emergence product. For convenience, it can also be mixed with fertilizers for efficiency.

*Note: Confront Specialty Herbicide is NOT labeled for residential turf.*

Manufactured By: Dow AgroSciences
Target Pests: control of annual and perennial broadleaf weeds such as black medic, hop clover, white clover, burnweed, chickweed, and many more listed
For Use In: Use in established cool season and warm season turfgrass including bentgrass, bluegrass, fescue, ryegrass, bahiagrass, bermudagrass centipedegrass, and zoysiagrass, but not limited to, sod farms.
Yield: 0.37 to 0.74 oz. per 1000 sq.ft. It will depend on the target. Please refer to the product label for full dilution rates.
Active Ingredient:

Triclopyr - 33.0%
Clopyralid - 12.1%

Size: 1 Gal.
Not For Sale: NY, CA, HI

Please refer to and follow the instructions on the Product label for usage and application precautions.

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