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Equipment & Supplies
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Do it yourself pest control is a fairly new concept to many people. In today’s economy, people are looking for any ways they can save money and pest control is one of them. The largest investment a person can make is probably their homes and in order to save their homes from invading pests that may ruin the structure, become potential health risks, or simply become a frustrating nuisance, homeowners all over the country have begun to explore the option of keeping up with their own pest control instead of paying for expensive pest control services. However, because the utilization of professional pest control products is a fairly novel concept to homeowners, it is not surprising to find that customers will try to apply such products without any prior knowledge or experience. Hence, pest control becomes difficult, tedious, and sometimes completely ineffective. In order to make sure that pesticides are being applied in the most efficient manner, manufacturing companies have produced an extensive variety of pest control equipment and supplies. Each piece of equipment or the supplies that are available at Pest Mall are all tools that will make your pest control application faster, more effective, and easier.

To make sure that every customers’ experience with pest control is easy and the most enjoyable, Pest Mall has accumulated a variety of tools to apply all available pesticides. To select the correct pest control equipment or tool to help you apply pesticides correctly, feel free to give us a call at 1-800-788-4142.

Why Use Pest Control Equipment and Supplies

In order to take complete control of the invading pests that have infested your home, you must make sure that all prior control methods are complete, including the tools that you use. The tools that you use will make pest control and pesticide application a less burdensome task. As a matter of fact, using the correct equipment may actually compliment the pesticides so that the chemicals can perform in the most optimal way to get rid of your pests quickly and in the most efficient manner. Moreover, the comprehensive line of pest control equipment and supplies that are provided by Pest mall are all professional grade and of the best quality. They have been tested, are durable and totally compact. That is why you can trust that these tools will function in an efficient way to deliver the most complete pesticide application and pest control experience.

Variety of Pest Control Equipment and Supplies

Pest Mall offers an extensive selection of not only pesticides to get rid of whatever has infested your homes, but the correct pest control equipment and tools to help you apply those pesticides correctly. These tools not only deliver an efficient application of pesticide, but they relieve our customers from the burden of a difficult task and instead, make the experience of “do-it-yourself” pest control as easy as possible.

  • Sprayers: These pressurized pump sprayers are all top of the line sprayers that are essential to apply such products as liquid concentrate sprays or wet-able powder sprays. Pest Mall provides a variety of sprayers that come in different sizes or designs so that you can make sure to evenly apply liquid sprays in whatever insect situation you are experiencing.
  • Dusters: Dusters ensure that customers are not over-applying dust insecticides. In order for dust insecticides to be effective, insects must crawl through the dust. Often times, homeowners will over-apply the dust which results in the insects simply walking around the insecticide. The dusters are purposely made to eject enough dust evenly so that dust treatments can perform in the most efficient manner.
  • Spreader: Spreaders are used to easily apply granule insecticides and fertilizers. Granules are most often used as a broadcast treatment and often times, broadcast treatments can be tedious and a lot of hard work. However, with the spreaders, you can be sure that the granules are being spread out evenly and you can do it with ease.
  • Bait Guns: The bait guns that are provided by Pest Mall are designed to apply gel baits for cockroaches and ants. They ensure that the application is fast and clean as well as easy and precise.
  • Bait Trays: The bait trays are used in order to provide a secure place to hold messy baits. Such baits as granules, fine granules, and gels can be placed in these bait stations and use on counters, in cabinets, under sinks, and even outdoors. It protects surfaces from messy residue or stains.
  • Seal Plugs: There is just one season every year where all the carpenter bees come out and wreak havoc on wooden structures and homes. In addition to the pesticides that are made readily available to kill carpenter bees, Pest Mall also provides Trebor Triple Seal plugs to seal the holes that the carpenter bees have made so that they cannot reenter or escalate the damage.

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