Fastrac Place Packs Pellets - 1Pail (121 x 15 gram packs)

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Fastrac Place Pack Pellets are effective on both mice and rats. The Pack Pellets kill in one to two days, sometimes even hours. When used in USDA-inspected facilities, this product must be applied in tamper-resistant bait stations. This product may be used in and around homes, agricultural, industrial, commercial, and public buildings. It can also be used in transport vehicles (ships, trains, aircraft) and in and around related port or terminal buildings or alleys.

Fastrac Place Packs Pellets - 1Pail (121 x 15 gram packs)

The most trusted rodenticide brand is now available in pellet baits! Fastrac Place Pacs contains the same formulation and offers the same performace as Fastrac Blox. Both products feature the active ingredient Bromethalin, which is combined with other ingredients that make up the highly attractive and effective bait. Like Fastrac Blox, the pellet bait is also weather resistant and can be used in dry or moist conditions indoors and outdoors.

Why Should You Use?

Rodents cannot resist Fastrac's blend of palatable ingredients. When rats and mice consume a lethal dose, they die within a day!

Target Pest(s): Norway Rats, Roof Rats, House Mice and other Rodents
Manufactured By: Bell Laboratories
Active Ingredient(s): Bromethalin - 0.01%
Size: 1 Pail / 121 x 15 gram packs

For Rats: 2-12 Place Pacs per placement

For Mice: 1-2 Place Pacs per placement

Not for sale to: AK

Directions for Use

Fastrac can be used in bait stations to protect the bait from contaminants and prevent access by children and pets. Alternative food sources must be removed prior to treatments. Determine the area where mice and rats will most likely locate and consume the bait. Bait stations/placements must be located in less accessed areas such as under cabinets, appliances, areas along walls and corners, entry/exit holes, burrows and other sites where rodents are seen. The Place Pac contents can also be applied directly in holes and in burrows. The product is not for broadcast applications.

FOR RATS: Use 2 to 12 Place Pacs per placement at intervals of 15 to 30 feet. Adjust the number of bait packs according to the level of feeding.

FOR MICE: Use 1 to 2 Place Pacs per placement depending on the severity of infestations. Space placements 8 to 12 feet apart in treatment areas.

For effective control, conduct follow-up treatments by replenishing baits regularly in placement/area that show maximum rodent activity. Remove spoiled and contaminated bait. Dispose of contaminated baits and exposed dead animals properly.

Where to Apply

Fastrac Pellets is for use in and around homes, agricultural, commercial, public and industrial buildings. The product can also be used in transport vehicles, in and around port or terminals.

Please refer to and follow the instructions on the Product label.

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Q. can the poison be placed around dairy cattle mangers just incase the rats carry the poison into the manger??
A.  Fastrac Place Packs Pellets are not labeled for placing around those areas. It may not be fatal to the dairy cows since they are of large size, but it will harm them if they are to ingest the poison. We do not recommend that they are placed near areas where the cows will be able to come in contact with them.
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