Gilbert 219GT Sticky Tiger

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The Gilbert 219 Sticky Tiger outcatches competitors, features double-glueboard capacity, captures flies silently, wall mounts horizontally, and also acts as a portable fly trap.

Gilbert Sticky Tiger Fly Light Trap Gilbert Sticky Tiger Fly Light Trap Product Label

Gilbert 219GT Sticky Tiger

Insect Attractant: Two standard Osram Sylvania F20/350BL (20 watt) lamps. Replace annually.

Installation: Wall-mounted with keyhole slots or used as free-standing portable (handle & mar-resistant feet included). Low positioning almost always yields best results for any ILT against flies. Special order w/eyebolts for hanging.

Target Pest(s): Flying Insects.
Manufactured By: Gilbert
Dimensions: 28"W x 10.5"H. x 5.75"D
UV Attractio: 40 watts (2 x 20 W bulbs)
Voltage: 115V/60hz

Maintenance: Spring-locked tray conceals glueboard, is secure, and easy-to-service. Guard swings up for easy access to lamps for cleaning and/or replacement. Change glueboard regularly, at least as often as codes require.

Construction Features: Frame and interior structure are aluminized steel for strength. Beautifully finished in anodized aluminum with (double nickel-chromed) guard.

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