Gilbert 605 Night Eagle UV Light Trap

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Gilbert 605 Night Eagle UV Light Trap is a very efficient trap for capturing many different kinds of wild night-flying insects. It is highly recommended for infestations in large warehouses.

Gilbert 605 Night Eagle UV Light Trap Gilbert 605 Night Eagle UV Light Trap Product Label

Gilbert 605 Night Eagle UV Light Trap

Superior Effectiveness. The Night Eagle is the trap of choice for intercepting the wildest of night-flying insect problems in shipping, receiving, and warehouse areas. The large grid area is advantageous against night-fliers prone to large circular flight patterns. See Night Hawk.

Sincere consideration should be given to the few ricochet insects and microparticles that fall from ceiling hung traps versus the myriad of whole, live, insects allowed access to the most critical areas of your facility, if the traps are not there. Consider low traps first.

For example, instead of hanging it over the dock area, consider wall-mounting the 605 horizontally in a strategic place. To do this, order the Gilbert 605WD Wild Dragon, our most powerful wall-mountable, electrocuting flytrap. It features a large reflector for increased effectiveness when used as a wall-mount.

Target Pest(s): Flying Insects.
Manufactured By: Gilbert
Dimensions: 53.9"W x 22.8"H. x 7.38"D
UV Attraction: 80 watts (2 x 40 W bulbs)
Voltage: 115V/60hz

The Night Eagle and the Dragon feature two superior Sylvania F40/350BL (40 watt) Insect attractant lamps (replace annually for continued performance), beautifully finished in anodized aluminum with nickel-chrome plated guards that swing up for easy access to grid, reflective surfaces, and lamps for periodic cleaning and lamp replacement. Spring-locked catch tray is secure yet, easily removed for emptying. Frame and interior structure are made of aluminized steel (lifetime auto muffler material). Eyebolts included for ceiling hang installation (8-10 ft. high or 6 inches abve the height of product stacks). Six foot long, 3-wire grounded power cord. Standard 115v/60hz. Current draw: .84 amp., 93 watts (RMS Meter). Interlock switch automatically shuts off trap when guard door is opened.

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