Hat Veil Pullover Combo

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Ideal for a quick inspection, this hat veil pullover combo can easily be slipped on over the head before heading out to check the hives. It is made of a polyscreen material and a polyester/cotton blend. This veil is separate from a full body suit.

Hat Veil Pullover Combo

This slip on hat veil combination is a veil that is ideal for times when you just need to slip on protective gear for a fast inspection. It is a pullover that has elasticized portions that you can slip your arms in so that it securely rests over your shoulders. The wide brim of the hat keeps the veil from falling over your face. This hat veil combination is made of a polyester/cotton blend and a polyscreen veil. The veil is separate from the body suit. We have complete bee suits available for those who are interested in purchasing a full body suit.

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