Insect-A-Kill 22W Fly Killer Light Trap

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Insect A Kill 22W Fly Killer is ideal for sensitive areas

The Insect-A-Kill 22 fly killer is ideal for sensitive areas where effectiveness and ease of maintenance are a top priority. The lights are compact, effective, and attractive. Covering a maximum of 700 square feet, the Insect-A-Kill fly killer contains a safety cut-off switch to ensure that safety is not compromised. The pull out bottom feature allows you to change the bulb and clean the zapper with ease.

Ideal placement for the Insect A Kill 22w Fly Killer

Depending on the application, these units can be mounted, suspended, or left free standing. Whereas most applications would need a unit mounted from 3 to 6 feet above the ground, the Insect A Kill 22W Fly Killer can be suspended from the ceiling to provide great protection from night flying insects.

Target Pests: Flying Insects
Manufactured By: Comtrol Zone
Covers: 700 sq.ft.
UV Attractio: 22 watts (1 x 22 W bulbs)
Voltage: 115V/60hz

Things to be aware of when deciding where to place the Insect-A-Kill 22w Fly Killer

1. Place in an area without much competing light
2. If used in a loading dock, place units evenly, at least 10 feet from the bay doors
3. Make sure that units are placed away from heavy machinery traffic
4. If suspended, make sure that the units are still accessible for maintenance.

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