Insect-A-Lite 18W House Fly Trap

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Insect-A-Lite 18W Light Fly Trap

The Insect-A-Lite 18w house fly trap is perfect for all areas needing discreet house fly control. This stylish unit doubles as a normal light fixture. The glueboard is effectively hidden, not giving away the true purpose of the light. The Insect-A-Lite 18 house fly trap covers 250 square feet and is perfect for small areas needing the most discreet fly control available. The house fly is a growing problem all over the world. We need to take control now. The insect-a-lite 18 is available in White only and provides 24/7 insect control. Bulbs should be replaced every 12 months and gluepads should be replaced every 4 - 6 weeks.

Ideal placement - Approximately 5 1/2 to 6 ft. from the ground. Ideally, the unit should be just above the average persons eye level.

Target Pests: Flying Insects
Manufactured By: Comtrol Zone
Covers: 250 sq.ft.
UV Attractio: 18 watts (1 x 18 W bulbs)
Voltage: 115V/60hz

Things to be aware of when deciding where to place the Insect-A-Lite house fly trap:

1. Keep the Insect-A-Lite away from competing light sources (windows or other powerful light sources)
2. Keep the Insect-A-Lite at least 10 feet from any outside-leading doors
3. If using multiple units, space them out to effectively cover the entire room
4. Make sure there are no objects that obstruct the UV light (if you cannot see the light, neither can the flies)

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