Insect-A-Trap 30W Fruit Fly Trap

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Insect-A-Trap 30W Fruit Fly Trap

The Insect-A-Trap 30W fruit fly trap is the perfect light for sensitive commercial areas needing the most effective fruit fly control available. This 30-watt machine covers up to 1,000 square feet (popular in commercial kitchens). Its extremely slim design enables it to mount easily in most areas. It also has four legs, making it both portable and freestanding. The easy pull-up grid makes glueboard and bulb changes quick and simple.

Target Pests: Flying Insects
Manufactured By: Comtrol Zone
Covers: 1,000 sq.ft.
UV Attractio: 30 watts (2 x 15 W bulbs)
Voltage: 115V/60hz

Zapping machines are typically too large for the fruit fly. You see them time and time again get lured towards the light, only to fly straight through the machine because they are so small. This fruit fly trap solves this problem by replacing the zapping grid with a sticky glueboard. The flies find the two 15 watt bulbs irresistible but when they attempt to travel straight through, they get stuck to the board at the back, where they die.

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