InVade Bio Foam - 16 oz.

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InVade Bio Foam is a super concentrated foaming microbial/citrus liquid made to manage fruit, drain, and phorid flies. The foaming action of InVade Bio Foam allows it to maintain a longer contact time, effectively coating and eliminating any scummy areas where flies breed. This product makes several gallons of finished solution and is best used in restaurant kitchens and commercial establishments.

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InVade Bio Foam - 16 oz.

A super concentrated foaming microbial/citrus liquid made to eat through scum where flies breed, InVade Bio Foam is the single, most effective tool the PMP can use to manage fruit, drain, and phorid flies in commercial accounts. Ultra-concentrated InVade Bio Foam is mixed with water at a rate of 4 oz per gallon (1 oz per quart) and applied using the Foamer Simpson or other foamer to cracks, crevices, drains, and surfaces where small flies breed. The foam and citrus combination attacks the scum and, over time, the premium blend of microbes will digest the bio film to help prevent further breeding in those areas. The foam provides a longer contact time, nicely coating scummy areas such as drain covers. InVade Bio Foam may be blended with IGRs or adulticides, although in most small fly management applications, they are not necessary. Since InVade is essentially addressing sanitation issues, regular use will help in managing cockroach infestations as well. The addition of IGRs and/or adulticides may be useful if roach management is a major concern. InVade Bio Foam should not be applied on top of bait placements.

*You are required to use InVade Bio Foam with a poly foamer to apply. InVade Bio Foam already contains the foaming agent.

Target Pest(s): Drain flies, phorid flies, fruit flies, fungus gnats, cheese skippers, sphaerocerid flies.
Manufactured By: Rockwell
Size: 16 oz.
Yield/Application: Mixed with water at a rate of 4 oz per gallon (1 oz per quart)

Directions for Use

InVade Bio Foam contains premium, scum-eating, odor eliminating microbes, citrus oil, and a foaming agent. Dilute at a rate of 1 oz per quart of water (4 oz per gallon) and place in the Foamer Simpson or similar hand foamer or power foamer. The product may be blended with an IGR and/or pyrethroid or non-repellent insecticide (and the pesticide label must then be followed). Do not blend with any other chemicals.

Foam cracks, crevices, drains and other scummy areas where flies may be breeding: Remember fruit flies often aren't just breeding in drains. Do not apply directly to a food contact surface unless the surface is thoroughly disinfected after treatment.

Prime areas include peeling away baseboards, machinery cracks, beverage line bundles, beverage fountain drip trays, and voids around dishwashers and tray conveyors. The foam will take a few hours to dissipate and should be left and not washed up.

Contact us for recommendations for other applications.

Precautions: Keep out of reach of children. If swallowed, seek medical attention immediately. Give one glass of water and do not induce vomiting. Wash hands well after use. If in eyes, remove contacts and flush with water for 15 minutes. Seek medical attention for any persistent irritation. For extra safety precaution, store in a closed seal, and appropriately label product.

Please refer to and follow the instruction on the InVade Bio Foam label.

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Q. Invade bio foam for sewer gnats?
A.  The Invade Bio Foam is a great product to use for drain flies and gnats that are coming from the drains and pipes. You will need to use a foaming sprayer, but other than that, there is not much else that you need. Drain Gel is also very effective but you will not be able to use them simultaneously. You may also want to consider using an IGR for flies.
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