Matrix II Four Seasons Light Traps-Black

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Each trap comes with 4 bulbs and 1 glue board

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Matrix II Four Seasons Light Traps-Black

You can configure it instantly for changing fly infestation levels. Whey fly pressures are low, remove 1, 2 or even 3 of the bulbs and conserve power. Keep the bulbs as spares. For sensitive environments such as hospital and nursing homes,use 1 bub and the lower glue board. Choice of operating at 25-50-75-100 watts and your choice of glue board positioning, upper, lower or both. The Matrix II Four Season Light Trap (21 x 14 x 5 in.) has 100 watt capacity (four 25 Watt bulbs) for maximum attraction where fly infestation is heavy. For light infestations the 1-bulb or 2-bulb configuration can be used. This unit has an electronic ballast, 2 large glueboards (one behind the bulbs, one below), and built-in hooks for hanging from the ceiling and increasing attraction from all angles

Where to use: This unit is only for indoor use, do not expose to water or excess humidity.
Manufactured By: B&G
Product Dimensions 21" x 14" x 5"
UV Attraction: 100 watts (4 x 25 W bulbs)
Voltage: 120V/60hz

Matrix II Four Seasons Fly Trap Specifications

2 glue board configuration
Attracts flying insects from two sides Most powerful trap available
Available in white or black

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