Maxforce Complete Granular Bait- 4lbs.

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Maxforce Complete Brand Granular Insect Bait is a ready-to-use product for use indoors and outdoors and around buildings, on lawns, and other non-crop area.

Maxforce Complete Granular Insect Bait INSECTICIDE Maxforce Complete Granular Insect Bait Product Label

Maxforce Complete Granular Insect Bait Maxforce Complete Granular Insect Bait Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Maxforce Complete Brand Granular Bait -4 lbs.

Maxforce Complete is unique. The overall formula includes protein, simple sugars, fats and complex carbohydrates. However, granules within the formula contain different combinations of these irresistible food ingredients. These combinations accommodate the changing food preferences of a broad spectrum of pests and deliver superior bait acceptance throughout the year. An Ideal range of low density particle sizes can be carried by various pests, from the smallest ants to the largest cockroaches. The combination also enables you to reduce the number of products you need to carry.

Target Pest(s): Ants (Pharaoh's, Fire, Argentine, Thief, Acrobat, Carpenter, Pavement, Crazy, Ghost, Odorous and Big-headed), Cockroaches, Crickets, Silverfish, Etc.
Manufactured By: Bayer
Active Ingredient: Hydramethylnon - 1%
Size: 4 lbs.

Maxforce Complete Granular Insect Bait may be sprinkled around structures and/or applied to refillable/serviceable bait stations as outlined below. Sprinkle this product evenly in a 1-2 foot wide band adjacent to the structure at a rate of 0.5 oz (one tablespoon) of bait per 25 linear feet.

NOTE: Around structures the total application should not exceed 4-8 oz per 200-400 linear feet (or 0.5 oz per 25 linear feet). A typical application would be 4-8 oz adjacent to an average sized home of 200-400 linear feet. Be sure to treat areas such as porches, patios, driveways, sidewalks, flower gardens, landscape timbers and around trees, wood piles, air conditioning units and garbage receptacles.

DO NOT USE ON EDIBLE FOOD CROPS OR ON AREAS INTENDED FOR EDIBLE FOOD CROP PRODUCTION. Treat visible ant trails as well as cracks or crevices where insects (ants, roaches, crickets) may enter a structure.

Please refer to and follow the instructions on the Product label.

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