Mole Scram Professional - 22 lb.

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Mole Scram Professional is an organic, granular repellent used to reduce and eliminate moles from your lawn. It is also an excellent preventive measure when used in the spring and fall. Mole Scram Professional will safely and naturally stop mole infestation.

PDFMole Scram Professional Product Label

Mole Scram ProfessionalMole Scram Professional Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Mole Scram Professional - 22 lb.

Mole Scram Professional repellent works two ways. Using all natural ingredients, the repellent coats mols' food - worms and grubs - with a bad taste. Other ingredients make mole tunnels and surrounding soil smell disagreeable to them. These changes to mole's environment drive them out of the application zone.

Target Pest(s): Moles
Manufactured By: EPIC
Active Ingredient: Blood Meal - 42%, Garlic - 4%, Red Pepper - 2.8%, Cloves - 1.5%
Size: 22 lbs.
Yield/Application: 22 lbs. covers up to 16,500 sq.ft.

Advantages of Mole Scram Professional

- All natural ingredients, environmentally safe
- Fast acting and long lasting formulas - up to 2 months
- Easy use with reduced labor cost - no mixing or spraying

Application Instructions

1. Fill a standard rotary spreader and adjust it using the spreader settings inside container.
2. In a radius extending past the infested area at least 30 feet, apply MOle Scram Professional to this entire area, 2 applications 14 days apart.
3. Mole Scram Professional should be watered in for 20 minutes ager application.

Please refer to and follow the instructions on the Mole Scram Professional label.

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Q. Is this product harmful to pets? Does the pepper ingredient harm their paws??
A.  You will need to water this product down for about 20 minutes after the initial application so it will soak the product into the ground and coat the worms to make them distasteful for the moles. It is recommended that you repeat the application the very next day.
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