Niban Fine Granular Bait- 4 Lbs. (NOT FOR SALE IN AK,CA)

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Niban Fine Granular is a long lasting, odorless bait contained in a convenient applicator bottle. This fine granular bait can be used to control pests such as ants, silverfish, crickets, and cockroaches. It can be used outdoors as well as indoors for it is moisture resistant. When used indoors, it must be used in a bait tray. Niban can be used in areas around your home, garden, attic, crawl spaces, cellars, cracks and crevices. Niban Fine Granular is a type of bait; therefore it should not be used with other residual insecticides. Caution should be taken when using this product around small children or pets.

PDF Niban Fine Granular Bait Product Label

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Niban Fine Granular Bait - 4 lbs.

New Formula! More Powerful, Broader Kill, Longest Lasting Bait Available

Niban Fine Granular Bait is a moisture resistant making it suitable for indoor as well as outdoors. Niban Fine Granular is virtually odorless and comes with an easy to use applicator bottle with a dusting tip. Although Niban Fine Granular is a Granular you can apply the product using a bellow duster due to the contain being so fine. Apply Niban Fine Granular Bait either in infested areas or around infested areas. Niban can be used in areas such as around your home, gardens, in attics, crawl spaces, cellars, and cracks and crevices. When using Niban Fine Granular Bait do not apply other residual insecticides or sprays. Make sure to becareful around children and pets.

Useful Tips You May Need to Know

We recommend apply Niban Fine Granular Bait with a Bellow Duster for the easier and safer application and better result.

Target Pest(s): Ants (Argentine, Carpenter, Thief, Pharaoh, Little Black, Pavement, Odorous House and Crazy Ants), Cockroaches (Asian, American Brown, Brown Bended, Smokey Brown, German and Oriental Cockroaches), Crickets (Camel, House, Field and Mole Crickets), Earwigs, Slugs, Snails and Silverfish.
Manufactured By: Nisus
Active Ingredient: Orthoboric Acid - 5.00%
Size: 4 lbs.
Yield/Application: 4 lb / 1000 sq. ft. - 6 oz / 100 sq. ft.
Not For Sale To: AK

Advantages of Niban Fine Granular Bait

- Weather resistant
- Indoor/outdoor use
- No known resistance
- Specifically formulated to attract a wide variety of pests
- Superior against cockroaches and crickets
- Comfort grip refillable shaker jug
- Long-lasting protection
- Minimizes call backs

There's no better professional grade, all-around bait for targeting the two most prominent invading pests you deal with: cockroaches and ants. NiBan-FG's new formula includes a tougher, weatherized granule that will last longer than any other on the market, providing you with a more effective kill between quarterly visits. This is the industry's only granular bait with the power of borates and our patent pending. It was formulated with a concern for the environment, it's easy to use and it has produced amazing results since it was created. NiBan-FG targets a wide spectrum of pests and can be used both indoors and out. That means you can spec one product more often, serving a greater variety of customers while enhancing the profitability of your business.

Many baits intended for pests can be a hazard for pets and wildlife. Birds are one of the most sensitive species to these effects. So, when the New York City's Central Park Bird Aviary needed to control cockroaches, they chose NiBan. After more than 10 years, there have been no reported problems?¦unless you're a roach.

Weather resistant & Long-lasting protection

Many granular baits lose their effectiveness as soon as they get wet. Other baits photo-degrade (meaning the active ingredient no longer works) with exposure to the sun, leaving them ineffective. But with NiBan-FG, all those problems are solved. NiBan-FG is a weatherized granular bait that won't degrade in sunlight or heat and can last through up to 4" of rain.

Another problem with other baits is that when the get wet they mold, which makes them unattractive to insects as a food source. NiBan-FG will not mold. This provides you with protection that lasts long after other baits break down, reducing call-backs and making your quarterly programs more effective.

No known resistance

Most pesticides work by targeting the central nervous system. As a defense, cockroaches can develop resistance to a new chemical in just a few generations. But because NiBan-FG works by interrupting the insect's digestive process and leaves major systems unaffected, pests can't build a tolerance.

NiBan-FG is easy to use-available in a convenient, comfortable and refillable container that saves you application time and money.

This product may be used in the Bait Tray.

Please refer to and follow the directions on the Niban Fine Granular Bait's product label.

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