Nisus' Snake Out Repellent - 4 lbs.

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Effectively repel snakes with Nisus' Snake Out Repellent product which uses natural ingredients like clove oil, cinnamon oil, and cedar oil that are generally mild to people, but can be highly offensive to snakes. The convenient 4 lb. jug features a "Comfort-grip" to make application comfortable and easy.

PDF Snake Out Product Label and MSDS

Nisus' Snake Out Repellent - 4 lbs.

Nisus' Snake Out Repellent is a dust product that has been specially formulated with natural ingredients to repel snakes from the areas that you are trying to protect like gardens, homes, storage units, and more. Since all the active ingredients in Snake Out Repellent are natural, there is no threat to children, pets, or people, however, it is a product that uses ingredients that are offensive to snakes and will effectively repel them.

Target Pest(s): Poisonous and Nonpoisonous Snakes
Manufactured By: Nisus
Active Ingredient: Clove Oil - 0.3%
Cinnamon Oil - 0.6%
Cedar Oil - 3.1%
Size: 4 lbs.
Yield/Application: A 4lb. jug will allow you to apply a band that is 6-10 in wide and 200 ft. long.

Features of Nisus Snake Out Repellent

- Does not harm snakes, but will repel them because of the unique blend of natural ingredients that snakes find quite unpleasant.
- Biodegradable product
- Can be used in areas where children and pets will play
- Does not contain naphthalene, which is widely used in repellents for snakes, which means, no foul odor.
- Comfort-grip to make application comfortable and easy
- Can be used as a part of your Green Management Program

Effective Repelling Method

Snakes are fascinating creatures that can actually taste the air that is around them. They are sensitive to scents. Nisus has blended ingredients that are offensive to snakes and will trigger the escape/avoidance reaction when they are able to sense these ingredients in the air. Snake Out Repellent does not harm the snakes, but it will naturally repel them.

Applying Snake Out Repellent

Apply a barrier of Snake Out Repellent by lightly sprinkling the product in a band of about 6-10 inches wide, around the area that you are protecting against snakes. DO NOT water in after the application and reapply the product if there are heavy rains or once every two weeks. It is not necessary to cover the entire ground. It can be applied in the crawlspace, foundation walls, cracks and holes around entry points, under covered porches, outbuildings, around sheds, and more.

PRECAUTION: Some snakes are poisonous! NEVER attempt to handle a snake unless you have been properly trained to do so. Contact your local wildlife management if you encounter a snake that must be removed.

Please refer to and follow the instructions on the product label.

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