Nisus Triple Shot Bait Station (TNT)

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Nisus Triple Shot - TNT contains two compartments of Terro-PCO, the #1-selling liquid ant bait in the U.S., and one of Niban, the #1-selling granular bait in the U.S.

Nisus Triple Shot TNT Nisus Triple Shot TNT Product Label and MSDS

Nisus Triple Shot - TNT

Nisus TNT contains the best-selling baits in the U.S. Two compartments with Terro-PCO liquid and one of Niban granular bait Is an effective system against a wide variety of pests; including cockroaches and ants.

Target Pest(s): Ants (except for Fire Ants), cockroaches, earwigs, silverfish, carpenter ants.
Manufactured By: Nisus
Active Ingredient:

Borax - 5.40% (Terro PCO)

Orthoboric Acid - 5% (Niban Granular Bait)


Terro-PCO Liquid Ant Bait - 3.38 oz. (100 ml) x2

Niban Granular Bait - 1.75 oz.

Advantages of Nisus Triple Shot - TNT

- Two compartments with Terro-PCO liquid and one of Niban granular Bait.
- Is an effective system against a wide variety of pests; including cockroaches and ants.
- Provides a bait for every appetite, plus it delivers easy-to-use long-term baiting.
- Is a borate-based green product perfect for use in IPM.
- Controlling a wide variety of pests
- Using indoors and outdoors - weatherproof disposable packaging
- Long-term protection

Closer Look

Triple Shots are being used by PMPs on new accounts to prevent callbacks, on problem accounts where eradication is critical and on accounts where larger volumes of bait are needed due to substantial pest populations. And as a borate-based system, Triple Shot offers a green solution as well. In field tests, Tim Nininger of Bug Man Exterminating reduced a 2%-4% callback rate to zero simply by leaving a Triple Shot base station at each home. Triple Shots can be used inside or outside, are great for quarterly accounts and perfect for large infestations. If you've got a problem infestation, the large compartments of different baits in Triple Shot make sure there is enough quantity and quality to handle those large infestations.

How It Works

Insects can change their nutritional requirements daily, choosing a variety of different food sources at different times. Some days they want protein, some days carbohydrates and some days liquids. So cover all the possibilities. All three types of bait in the Triple Shot-TNP bait station cover these nutritional needs and use borates as the active ingredient for a minimal impact to the environment. The Triple Shot-TNT bait station gives you the option of using more Terro-PCO liquid as well as covering food preferences with Niban granular bait if your situation calls for it. The Triple Shot - TTT bait stations loads you up with long-standing large colony fighting power against infestations of hard-to-handle ants like Argentines. Not only is Triple Shot effective, but also the bait stations are easy to use. Simply place the Triple Shot bait station in landscapes, gardens, under decks, in garages and pantries - anywhere you need protection from pests, inside or out. These large-volume stations provide enough bait to last several months in most cases.

Please refer to and follow the instructions on the Nisus Triple Shot TNT product label.

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