NyGuard EZ1 IGR Concentrate (NOT FOR SALE IN CT,NY)

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NyGuard EZ1 is the simpliest way to realize the benefits of NyGuard IGR Concentrate. Now you can effectively break the reproductive cycle of your toughest insect pests, including cockroaches, fleas, mosquitoes, ants, and flies in a pre-measured 1 oz. bottle.

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NyGuard EZ1 IGR Concentrate

NyGuard EZ1 is the simpliest way to realize the benefits of NyGuard IGR Concentrate. Now you can effectively break the reproductive cycle of your toughest insect pests, including cockroaches, fleas, mosquitoes, ants, and flies in a pre-measured 1 oz. bottle.

Tips You May Need to Know

NyGuard EZ1 is convenient 1 oz. bottle for easy tank mixing
NyGuard EZ1 is over 10 times more active than Gentrol
NyGuard EZ1 is labeled for indoor and outdoor use. Gentrol and Precor are only for indoor use
NyGuard EZ1 may be used in food and non-food areas
NyGuard EZ1 is effective on fleas for up to 7 months; cockroaches for 6 months, stored product pests for 3 months

Target Pest(s): Ants, Flies, Mosquitoes, Fleas, Stored Product Pests, Roaches, Crickets, Litter Beetles and Flying Insects
Manufactured By: MGK
Active Ingredient: 1.30% 2-[1-Methyl-2-(4-phenoxyphenoxy) ethoxy] pyridine
Size: 1 oz.
Yield/Application: 1 oz. bottle mixed with 1 gallon of water
Not for Sale to: NY

For Use in and around: Home and in Food and Non-food areas of Restaurants, Food Processing Plants, Food Warehouses, Grocery Stores and Supermarkets, Schools, Office Buildings, Apartments, Hotels and Motels, Hospitals, Tobacco Plants and Warehouses, Manufacturing Plants, Commercial and Industrial Buildings, Transportation Equipment such as Automobiles, Boxcars, Buses, Boats, Trucks, Railcars, Ship Cargo Holds, and outside on Lawns and Building Perimeters.

NyGuard EZ1 and NyGuard IGR are different formulas of pyriproxyfen and have different directions for use. Always read and follow label directions for each product.

How It Works

NyGuard's active ingredient is Pyriproxyfen, an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR), which is a juvenile hormone mimic (JHM). The naturally occurring juvenile hormone regulates and stimulates the developmental process of insects. High concentrations of juvenile hormone stimulate the molting process. The level of juvenile hormone then drops to low levels, which leads to normal maturation of the larvae (larva to pupa, pupa to adult, or nymph to adult molt).

NyGuard interferes with this synchronized balance of hormones during the molting process. Treatment with NyGuard introduces and maintains high concentrations of juvenile hormone mimic at critical points during the insect developmental process. Thus, normal maturation of larvae or nymphs is prevented. The result is the insect stays in an immature stage indefinitely. When this happens the insects with complete metamorphosis will continue to molt from larva to larva until it dies. Insects with incomplete metamorphosis will remain in nymph stage, or have morphological deformation, maturing into sterile, non-reproductive adults.

NyGuard disrupts the normal metamorphosis process of immature insects. Treatment with NyGuard will disrupt the growth, development and reproduction in many insect species in a manner that is environmentally acceptable. The biological results in the target insects are most commonly death or deformity with sterility.

NyGuard does not kill adult insects. For best results, use NyGuard in combination with an insecticide that will kill existing populations of insects. Once the active insect populations have been eliminated, NyGuard will remain to disrupt the maturation of eggs or other immature stages of the insect population.

Please refer to and follow the instruction on the NyGuard EZ1 IGR Concentrate label.

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