Pendulum AquaCap - 2.5 Gals.

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Pendulum AquaCap Herbicide is an herbicide that provides pre-emergence control of a variety of different types of annual grasses and broadleaf weeds. It is considered a pre-emergent because it controls the weeds as they are germinating in turf grass sites, landscapes, non-cropland, and places of ornamental production.

Pendulum AquaCap - 2.5 Gals.

BASF, the manufacturer of Pendulum AquaCap Herbicide, has created a state of the art technology of an ultrathin capsule to encapsulate the pre-emergent active ingredient which allows Pendulum AquaCap to deliver an increased ease of mixing, handling, and cleanup as well as a reduced staining potential and virtually no odor. Moreover, you will be able to control over 21 of the most common and unwanted grass weeds and over 25 of the most unsightly broadleaf weeds.

Pendulum AquaCap Herbicide is especially effective because of its mode of action. It is a meristematic inhibitor, which means that it effects the cell elongation in all the growing points of shoots and roots of susceptible weeds, all the while, interfering with plant cellular division, otherwise known as mitosis. This limits translocation within the plant and after contact with Pendulum AquaCap, shoot and root growth in the weed stops. All affected weeds die shortly after the growth of the plant is stopped even before emergence from the soil.

Since this is a pre-emergent herbicide, Pendulum AquaCap Herbicide will not control weeds that have already established over the season on the lawn. However, you are able to mix Pendulum AquaCap with a different post-emergent herbicide to control both established and pre-emergent weeds.

Please keep in mind that all herbicides have different active ingredients that will target different weeds. Moreover, dilution rates and application rates will change depending on the target weed, so please refer to the product label for all instructions. Pendulum AquaCap may prove to be more effective if the application of the herbicide is followed by 0.5in. rainfall or the equivalent by sprinkler irrigation. You may see erratic weed control if rainfall or irrigation does not occur within 30 days after application.

Manufactured By: BASF
Target Pests: Control of most annual grasses and certain broadleaf weeds including Chickweed, Clover, Spurge, Speedwell, Pigweed, Velvetleaf and many more listed.
For Use In: Use in established any turfgrass site, landscape or grounds maintenance, non-cropland, and ornamental production.
Yield: 1.1 to 1.6 oz. per 1000 sq.ft. It will depend on the target. Please refer to the product label for full dilution rates.
Active Ingredient: Pendimethalin - 38.7%
Size: 2.5 Gals.

Please refer to and follow the instructions on the Product label.

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