Professional Mole Trap (Talpex)

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You no longer have to use potentially harmful poisons or apply dangerous chemicals into the ground to effectively get rid of moles in your yard. This Talpex type mole trap displays superior strength to effectively trap moles in your yard and can be inserted into the ground that has any type of soil.

Professional Mole Trap (Talpex)

This Talpex style mole trap comes fully assembled with features including malleable iron jaws and setting levers to get rid of moles that are destructive to your lawn. Keep in mind that before handling the traps, you should ensure that your hands are free from strong scents or smells. We advise that you wear gardening gloves when handling the traps to eliminate chances of leaving behind a human scent on the traps and the traps can be rubbed with soil from a fresh mole hill.


1. Clear the exposed section of the mole hill of any loose soil, pebbles, rocks, stones or other objects that can interfere with the operation of the mole trap. Also, make sure the excavated area where the trap will be set will accomodate the "trigger release" of the trap. The side of the excavated area should be cut at a 45 degree angle so to allow a complete movement of the setting bar when the trap is tripped.

2. Compress the handles of the trap so that you are able to open the trap (the jaws of the trap).

3. Place the end of the setting bar into the hole that is in the center of the trigger plate. Once the trap is set, be careful with how you handle the trap so that you do not snap the trap on your fingers.

4. Gently place the trap in the excavated portion of the mole run and ensure that the exposed section of the trap is free of debris.

5. Gently cover the excavated portion with turf and loose soil to exclude light but do not fill higher than the pivot point.

6. Check the traps daily. If the handles of the trap are still clamped together, it means that the trap has not been triggered. If the handles of the trap are apart, the trap has been triggered.

NOTE: Warning! This Talpex trap is a trap that is utilizes strong heavy duty springs that is meant to provide the trap with a fast and powerful pressure when triggered. Keep traps away from children and pets and handle traps with care.

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