Protect-A-Bed - Box Spring Cover - Queen Size

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Protect-A-Bed® Box Spring Encasement Covers provide more than the average box spring cover. With its BugLock Seal, the entry and escape of bed bugs is protected. The barrier of the encasement is impenetrable and protects your box spring from bed bugs, dust mites, mold, bacteria, and other allergens. Protect-A-Bed Box Spring Encasement is easy to install with its 3-sided zipper and is made with non-woven fabric. It is machine-washable and is available in all popular bed sizes.

Protect-A-Bed - Box Spring Cover - Queen Size

Why Should You Use?

Protect A Bed Box Spring Encasement protects your bed from bed bugs all year round. Protect A Bed Box Spring Encasement goes all around the box spring and encasement and zips around it. The Protect A Bed Box Spring Encasement leave no cracks or crevices making it impossible for bed bugs to live, and if you are already infested it gives them no way out in the end dying. This is a good protection and prevention method to protect yourselves from nasty blood sucking pests.

For chronic allergy sufferers, Protect-A-Bed box spring encasement offers the protection that a typical box spring encasement cannot. Our bed bug proof and AllerZip box spring encasements provide an impenetrable barrier between you and allergens and bed bugs living within your box spring. Instead of settling for an average box spring encasement that doesn't offer the protection you need, choose AllerZip box spring encasements for superior defense against bed bugs and allergens.

Target Pest(s): Bed Bugs, Dust Mite, and other Allergy related control
Manufactured By: PROTECT-A-BED
Care Instructions: Cold water wash with regular detergent. No bleach. Cool dry. Do not iron.
Size: QUEEN: 60" x 80" x 9" - fits up to 9" deep Box Spring
Key Features:

Certified by an Entomology Laboratory to be bed bug proof
BugLock Seal - Ultimate Bed Bug Protection
Dust Mite Barrier
Allergy Protection
Machine washable and tumble dry
Easy to Fit - All Sizes of Box Springs

Protect A Bed Box Spring Encasement's Premium:

The Protect-A-Bed box spring encasement is designed to provide ultimate protection against allergens and bed bugs when combined with the AllerZip mattress encasement. All our box spring encasements feature BugLock, a three-sided zipper system with secure seal for complete protection against allergens, dust mites and bed bugs. In fact, AllerZip mattress encasement is bed bug entry, escape and bite proof.

Make sure you are fully protected from bed bugs and encasement your Box Spring encasement as well as your mattresses. Protect A Bed brings you all sorts of different encasements and encasement to protect your bed 100%. Bed Bug's favorite area and breeding ground is the bed you want to protect it by spraying and encasementing both box spring and the mattress so the bed bugs are trap and not allowed out. This will not only protect you but also eliminate a lot of the spreading. Both the encasement encasements for the box spring and mattress have almost no hiding place for the bed bugs and being trapped will soon cause the bugs to die. Since the Encasement encasement are all white it will make investigations for infestation and treatment a lot easier. Protect A Bed encasements are not only to treat infestations but also to prevent, having the encasement will future treatments a lot easier, all you would need to do is take off the encasements and wash them under really hot water. One suggestion we have is to spray the mattress and box spring encasement with bed bug control products either is there is an infestation or not to prevent and kill bed bug before encasing the mattress or box spring.


We do not take returns of any open or used items!! Please make sure the product you have order is the right one and the size you need before opening. We do this in case of spreading bed bugs.

Please refer to and follow the instructions on the Product label.

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