Q.diy termite treatment
Hi, how do I determine the qty of supplies I'll be needing? It's been 8 months since I've seen the termites, do I need to know exactly which species I saw to determine the correct treatment? I do have a picture, would you be able to recognize the species right away if you saw the pic? What equipment does one need to inject a treatment under an existing slab floor in a basement? Do I treat the inside of my block wall with termite ground treatment or the stuff I use on the inside of my studded walls? I want to put termite treatment inside the wood / plaster board wall cavities as well as inside the block cavities of my basement walls, will the product soak into the wood thats in the wall cavity or do I have to inject the treatment into the wood? I also want to ground treat under 1100 sq ft of concrete in my basement as well as 200 liniar feet of exterior perimeted around my foundation. Can you also reccomend a liquid application yard treatment for reducing mosquito and other flying insects as well as reducing ant/ spider/ millapede population? I have approx 1.0 acres around my house of yard that's boardered by woods and brush (honeysuckle bush). I'd like to put a package together and get everything at once. Do you have a website I can get additional info at? Thanks for the help!
A.In order for us to thoroughly explain the different treatment methods, please give us a call at 1-800-788-4142.
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