Q.tempo insecticide
I have a problem with roaches and am currently using Tempo. My family and I purchased 6 bottles of Tempo last year from a local farm chemical supplier and your price is better than His. SoOOO I would like to buy from you to save money but you didnt answer my questions. I wanted to know which chemicals that you sell would be the best to kill roaches. Also which bait that you sell would be the best or most potent powerful to knock the crap out of roaches. I feel that my roaches have built up a tolerence to tempo. However I still want to buy some tempo for spiders, fleas, and mosquitos outside and in the basement spraying UNLESS you reccomend something better than Tempo. Thankyou for your time.
A.Not one product is stronger or better than another product. It really depends on where you use it. Outdoors, we recommend a capsulated suspension product like Lambdastar 9.7 because you will have a longer residual time. Indoors though, Tempo is a fine product to use as it is made with a Cyfluthrin active ingredient that is powerful against a lot of crawling insects. As for bait, the Dupont Advion Roach bait is very effective as well as Maxforce Magnum Roach bait.
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