Q.diy termite treatment
Ok thanks. So then which one would you suggest for using on the wooden frame in a house. We have termites entering our house around the area of the windows. They are eating away the wooden frame and entering from there. I was going to replace the wooden frame around window but wanted to spray before installing the new wood. So i was thinking of using termidor for this application. Also i have termites outside around the lawn area and also between the bricks(my backyard had a lot brick work and around the pool also). I usually buy the stuff from home depot but they keep coming back. Since we don't grow any vegetables i was thinking of using dominion. Please give your suggestions as your the expert. Any other product you would recommend instead? You have been a great help. There aren't many helpful sellers like you! Thanks again
A.Termidor is good to use for both these areas. Please thoroughly review the product label before application.
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