Q.HELP, bedbugs
1. OK, strsnge -- I've looked I cannot find any treatmet for the actual bite on the skin and all the itching. No of the comments seem directed toward the actual after a bed bug9S) bite(s). Am I asking a dumb question? I bought some Neosporin - is this be best or would calamine lotion be better? Thanks someone -- anyone -- everyone!!! 2. Also -- is it just the one bed bug that has the fatal attraction, or are there numerous of this little vampires each feeding on its corner of the body???
A.Unfortunately, like mosquito bites, there is no real way of getting rid of the bite from a bed bug. Calamine cream or anti-itch/allergy creams may relieve the itchiness and the redness. Not just one bed bug feeds on a host. Bed bugs reproduce quickly and all bed bugs must feed to survive.
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