Q.Termites eating insp cart and monitor but not bait
I put 5 of these in but before opening the other 4, it's weird on the one I did open. I opened it 4 weeks ago, saw the inspection cartridge was all gone, put in bait cartridge. Yesterday, I opened it and the monitor wood was 1/2 gone, termites present, but the bait looked untouched. Should the procedure be to hope after finishing the wood, they go up to the bait? Or is eating the bait so subtle I couldn't tell they were licking it? Now by taking out the wood, I may have scared them off. So the question is, seeing no activity on the bait, but after lifting out seeing the wood half gone, what should be the action? Leave it alone or replace the wood? I need to know what to do before opening the other four. Also, is it recommended to open these up at night with a flashlight with red plastic over it to minimize alterting them?
A.Termite bait stations are not to be disturbed once they have been set up. They are only opened once every three months to check the activity but should not be disturbed more than that. If the wood has termite activity, then the inspection cartridges are replaced with the bait cartridges and left alone for another three months.
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