Q.what can I wash my cloths in to get rid of carpet beetles
I have had these bugs for 6 Months now and the management wont help me and they are eating my cloths and furniture, and i can't sleep they are bitting me at night. and I am getting sick from them they are affecting my liver. They are every where in here . I have to dry my self off from a shower with paper towels,because i can't get them out of my cloth things and I need help.
A.I am not sure if carpet beetles will bite people. Normally, they are in a very localized area of infestation. However, we recommend using hot water wash and hot tumble dry for your laundry. We also recommend using 565 Plus XLO around all baseboards and areas of infestation (except directly on the clothes or materials you come in contact with)every 2 weeks. However, before application of any pesticide, we recommend that you take a sample of the insect to a professional pest control company or an entomologist to have it identified. By identifying the pest, you will be able to better control the infestation and eventually eradicate them. Without identifying the pest, you may be applying treatment in vain and control will not be seen.
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