Q.if there was no nest can you get rid of them easier
My sister passed away in March, so I inherited most of her belongings, I had decided to have a yard sale to sale some of her clothes, I have them stored in a shed in the back yard. Brought one box in laid the clothes on the bed, a couple of night later, I felt them crawling across me, I told my husband but he never felt anything so they tried to say it was all in my head. After about 2 months we finally found out what they were---after they had spread most of the house, new living room furniture, both bedrooms our cat. We sprayed with the Bifen I/T yesterday then felt them last night. I put some tape on the air duct when I found them on it, so my husband went in the atic and sprayed it. I am still finding them on us. we could only bath the cat with flea and tick shampoo, if though she didn't like it she isn't scratching. I had read some web sites on line it about how to get them off of humans, we sprayed down in the shower with bleach and water, 10:1 ratio, then used epsom salt. then wash your hair and rinse it with vinger. It seemed of help, but the smell was hard to get used to, but it only lasted long enough to go to bed, it just seemed they were right back. the pest control we contacted only told us what we could use, helping with expenses. Please tell me what we should do. We took everything apart and sprayed it or washed it in HOT water. is there anything else we can do? Please we are going insane!!!!
A.Unfortunately, we do not have any products that list out bird mites as a target pest. Bird mites require not only chemical treatment but exclusion as well. All cracks and crevices should be sealed. If you would like more information on bird mite control, please feel free to email us at info@pestmall.com
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