Q.Where can you find Sterifab in GA
My sister passed away several months ago, she raised birds, I had to find home for the birds, but it wasn't until I brought a lot of belongs home and after about a month decided to start going thru her clothes, I laid them on my bed, it wasn't but a couple of days later I started feeling things crawling on it, it continued until this past week we finally found out what they were, only I guess they have spread, we sprayed Bifen I/T in the house, but our furniture we have only been able to vacuum it, but still feel them on it, and in my car. Were can I find Sterifab??? I am about to go insane with these things, I have washed every bit of bedding, washed our cats bedding, and everything else, bathroom rugs, door mats. But I am doing this every day, please help me??
A.You can place an order for Sterifab online here at www.pestmall.com or by the phone at 1-800-788-4142. We have one location in Duluth, GA for pick-up.
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