Q.To treat or not to treat
My friend stayed with at our house for a week visiting from out of town. The first night she was here she woke up with several bites on her leg and arm but we thought nothing of. Since then there have been no more bites and she has gone back to her home. This was the weekend of the 24th of August and she stayed 5 days. Now I find out her apartment building is potentially being condemned due to a bed bug infestation and roach infestation EWW! I want to know if I need to treat my house for bedbugs? There have been no bites on anyone in the house but from what I understand they can lye dormant for a while. Please help thanks Tina
A.You should definitely have an inspection done to your house before applying any pesticide. It is not only unlawful to apply pesticides without identifying a pest, but it is also unsafe to apply pesticides without a target. Once you can identify that you do have an infestation, you can start treatment immediately.
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