Q.I have a rustic log cabin (red spruce, i think) with infestation of some sort
small holes(many) dust trails below the holes .A primative cabin, unheated except when occupied. Cabin built in mid 60's.Powder post? carpenter?........i fear degradation of logs to colapsing level. insect activity mostly inside but some outside.......a wilderness cabin. is cabin doomed? How can one tell how much wood has been removed? HELP!!!!......TH
A.We definitely recommend having some professionals inspect the area so that they can identify the pest since there are many different wood-infesting pests. If it is not controlled right away in the right methods, it can be potentially very detrimental to not only the aesthetics of the house but to the internal structure of the house. Unfortunately though, we are unable to recommend treatment products without a correct identification of the pest. We apologize.
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