Q.What can I do to get rid of the no see ums from my lanai?
A.I wonder if your lanai is screened or has glass windows or not screened at all. Where the no see ums are coming from may change depending on what your lanai is like. Sometimes, if you have a screened lanai, the screening on it is just not fine enough to keep them out. If it is glass, there must be cracks and crevices around the frame of the glass and doors that are allowing them to enter the porch. We recommend doing a perimeter treatment nevertheless with a product called Temprid SC. You should apply this around the entire perimeter of the structure as well as under pine or mulch. When treating this perimeter, we recommend treating the dirt under the mulch, replace the mulch and then spray the top layer of the mulch again. We also recommend that you do some mechanical/structural changes that will discourage the no see ums from getting inside. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us again.
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