Q.Moths in car!!!
Discovered them in our car and despite what I thought was infestation underneath my kids carseat (i.e. because food crumbs were down there) and I cleaned out rinsed in tub with bleach, washed cushions etc. but they are still showing up about one a day in my car. I also did a vaccuum out on car mats etc. desperate to find solution. Will the traps still work? I am so frustrated!!! Thanks.
A.Moth traps are specific to the type of moths you have and so we recommend that you take a sample to get them identified before trying to apply any pesticides or set any traps. If you are able to identify it, we can definitely assist you in products that will eradicate them when you email us at info@pestmall.com or call us at 1-800-788-4142.
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