Q.how do i set the trap
how do i set the trap
A.The bow (spring loaded part of the trap) is carefully pulled back and held down with the thumb. With your free hand, take the locking bar (the long arm of the trap with the curve at the end of the arm which is attached to the back of the trap) and lay it on the center of the bow. you must make sure that the curved or cupped part faces downward. As you begin to tilt the yellow plastic pedal upwards, you will see that the tip on the locking bar will lock inside a box opening in the back of the yellow pedal. Carefully and slowly release your thumb grip on the bow. As you release the bow and hold the trap, be careful not to have your fingers in areas where the arm can snap for precaution. *NOTE* There is an "S" and an "F" imprinted on the pedal itself. If you wish the trap to be more sensitive, position the locking bar towards the "S" side of the little box by sliding it that direction. "F" stands for firm (less sensitive).
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