Q.have sub terranean termintes most likely arid land sub terranean
they have done minimum damage (have cut into drywall etc) worry about possible swarming (its a rental home) its an 800 sq foot home (southern california) looks like you basic termite system would cover three sides of the home (its a duplex so cannot cover the jointed garage) its also looks like its a one stop solution it attracts the termites and the tic a slow acting insecticide which will kill the entire colony? can I mix this with the spectride plugs sold at home depot?
A.Unfortunately, we are not able to interpret your inquiry clearly. We can tell you though, that for subterranean termites, isolated areas of infestation must be treated and supplement ground treatment must be done, whether you use bait stations or liquid ground treatment. If you have any further questions or comments, please feel free to contact us again.
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